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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Abstracts of presentations

Day 1, Workshop 6,

Csonka, Peter:
The Council of Europe's anti-corruption treaties

The Council of Europe has been deeply involved since 1994 in the general struggle against corruption, especially through the development of soft law instruments to further international co- operation in legal matters. The main corruption-relevant instruments are outlined in this paper. They include the 1998 Criminal Law Convention on Corruption; the 1999 draft Civil Law Convention on Corruption; and the 1998 Agreement establishing the "Group of States against Corruption - GRECO" - a monitoring mechanism. Furthermore, a Model Code of Conduct for Public Officials is currently in discussion.

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Daams, Claire A.:
Regional Initiatives: European Union against Corruption

Within the European context, countries in all directions have been shaken by huge corruption scandals and some consider corruption as one of the most serious threats to democracy and economic stability. Therefore international instruments for the fight against corruption needed to be developed within Europe. The aim of this paper is to present the main instruments developed by the European Union, considering them as "regional initiative".

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Pieth, Mark:
Abstract International Efforts to Combat Corruption

This paper concentrates on the contribution of international organisations in developing common legal standards against corruption. More specifically the new criminal law conventions of the OECD, CoE, the EU and the OAS will be discussed in greater detail, first by describing the particular approach of each organisation and second by raising some key issues of criminal law in a horizontal analysis.

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