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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

The Papers

Abstracts of presentations

Day 4, Workshop 1

Al-Kilani, Farouk :
Corruption in the Judiciary

From the perspective of a lawyer, the author describes and analyses the aspects of corruption within the Judiciary in Jordan. He names two theories on the cause of corruption: the moral and the political school. Some effects of corruption are seen to include: undermining the national economy; destroying a national consciousness; undermining the mission of the judiciary; and eroding the confidence of the people in their government. The paper then discusses reasons and types of for corruption in the judiciary, giving examples in each case. The author especially focuses on the interaction of the executive and the judiciary and the politicisation of judges.

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Hammergren, Linn :
Diagnosing Judicial Performance: Toward A Tool to Help Guide Judicial Reform Programs

The paper describes the development of a checklist for evaluating the transparency and related aspects of judicial performance, suggests how it might be applied, and discusses its use to promote judicial reform. Like the TI Corruption Index, the list is not primarily a research tool, but is intended to promote reform programs. A set of generally desirable judicial principles are offered, and the methodological difficulties of developing and applying the checklist analysed in detail. Extensive Annexes describe the methodology in more detail and provide examples of other checklists.

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Jayawickrama, Nihal :
Strengthening Judicial Integrity

The paper outlines different aspects of corruption within the Judiciary. This is not restricted to direct bribing, but includes questions of independence from the executive and the interaction of the judiciary and the legal profession. Judicial accountability is also a central problem. Finally, the other participants in the workshop are introduced.

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