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The 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference

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Day 5 Additional Papers

Jemibewan, David, Minister of Police Affairs, Federal Republic of Nigeria:
Transparency as a Major Factor in Democratic Sustenance

on behalf of H. E. President Olusegun Obasanjo

Most crises which Africa has experienced in the last decades have a common root: bad governance, failure of policies, dictatorship and pandemic corruption at the highest levels of government. A common answer is the introduction of liberal democracy. But the spirit of democracy must be actualised, which is a difficult task in a polity used to decades of dictatorship. Transparency is central to building trust among the people in a democratic government. It is also necessary for attracting foreign investment into Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to leaving a legacy of transparency.

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Rawlings, Jerry John, His Excellency, President of the Republic of Ghana:
Address to Conference

It is in recognition of the importance of probity, accountability and good governance to national and global progress that Ghana is sending a high-powered delegation to participate in the International Conference on Anti-Corruption in Durban, South Africa. Corruption is wrong and immoral wherever it may occur. But for developing countries it is even more reprehensible because it deprives people who are struggling to emerge from poverty of already scarce resources needed to fight disease, ignorance and hunger

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